Determination. Passion. Love

Determination. Passion. Love
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting Married Journal #15 May, 11 2011

Oh my. It has been more than a month since I last wrote an entry. That really shows how busy I was the previous month huh? Well, busy enough and not to be elaborated.

Latest update on my wedding preparation is on the venue for second reception. It is confirmed that we are not going to continue with Tasoh Lake R&R due to it's suck management. Thus, we are moving on with Brasmana, as agreed with Abah. It is such a waste, and I wish I can buy the land so that i can develop it better!

We had also confirmed band which is going to play at second reception. We encountered this band when they are playing at Pavillion KL. Contacted A.Rashad and deposited RM500 cash to him when we met at a mamak restaurant. I am quite worried as he did not issue any receipt as an evidence of payment for our record. He promised however, to email it to us.

To my surprise, we didn't get any receipt to date. So of course by now, it is based on trust. Therefore, I will keep on asking Luv to update with him. Once, Luv called A. Rashad and he mentioned something about the other members who don't want to go since the low payment (well,of course since they are comparing it with the other offer from commercial show). I insisted on canceling the deal with them but Luv said we should I just wait and see.

Sigh. How am I supposed to wait when worry covers me from top to toe? So I scout around for musician/jazz band from northern island, Penang of course. Found one or two, but the cost is slightly above our budget. But I am willing to pay more if they are not only talented, but professional enough when it comes to communicating with clients and knowing what's the best to deliver. I am now waiting for more quotation. Hope they will come in no sooner.

Tata for now!