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Determination. Passion. Love
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting Married Journal #15 May, 11 2011

Oh my. It has been more than a month since I last wrote an entry. That really shows how busy I was the previous month huh? Well, busy enough and not to be elaborated.

Latest update on my wedding preparation is on the venue for second reception. It is confirmed that we are not going to continue with Tasoh Lake R&R due to it's suck management. Thus, we are moving on with Brasmana, as agreed with Abah. It is such a waste, and I wish I can buy the land so that i can develop it better!

We had also confirmed band which is going to play at second reception. We encountered this band when they are playing at Pavillion KL. Contacted A.Rashad and deposited RM500 cash to him when we met at a mamak restaurant. I am quite worried as he did not issue any receipt as an evidence of payment for our record. He promised however, to email it to us.

To my surprise, we didn't get any receipt to date. So of course by now, it is based on trust. Therefore, I will keep on asking Luv to update with him. Once, Luv called A. Rashad and he mentioned something about the other members who don't want to go since the low payment (well,of course since they are comparing it with the other offer from commercial show). I insisted on canceling the deal with them but Luv said we should I just wait and see.

Sigh. How am I supposed to wait when worry covers me from top to toe? So I scout around for musician/jazz band from northern island, Penang of course. Found one or two, but the cost is slightly above our budget. But I am willing to pay more if they are not only talented, but professional enough when it comes to communicating with clients and knowing what's the best to deliver. I am now waiting for more quotation. Hope they will come in no sooner.

Tata for now!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting Married Journal #14 April, 6 2011

Hi all! It has been quite sometimes, isn't it? Been busy with work and preparation. Sometimes I just wish I don't have to work as I can focus more on our wedding preparation. *sigh*

Anyway ladies (and gentlemen if any), my fiancé and I are having some difficulties to work with those resort's people. I wish they could be more professional and helpful so we would feel more confident to take them as one of our vendors. I was on call with their GM asking the question and she kept on telling me they have done events for the royal family etc. I mean, what has that supposed to do with our event?

FIL has told us before about their 'unprofessionalism' and bad management, but I am too in love with the place. Seriously, i felt in love with the place the first time I went there. And I can imagine how my Reception will be, that night, 17th December.

But now, somehow, my dream is beginning to permanently be a dream. My fiancé has started to look for another venue, with better offer and better management. My heart says no, but yeah, if I really want to make it happen, I need to tolerate and stop dreaming. I guess there is a good thing behind all these obstacles.

More quotation are coming and I need to revise each one of them pretty carefully before deciding on anything. And of course, we both need to sit and discuss, like what my FIL said, Muzakharah. That is a good start towards building a family.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Married Journal #13 March 19, 2011

Wedding favor. We are still thinking of what to give to the honorable guests. The more I read, the more ideas I get. However, it is somehow not practical in a way that I need to DIY. I might not have hands on experience and it will take most of my time doing it.

So after having to discuss this matter with my fiancé, we have come out with a few choices.

1. Honey in jar+cloth+small rope+TQ card
2. Mug in cylinder box+ribbon+TQ card
3. Chocolate in jar+ribbon+TQ card
4. Chocolate chips in jar+ribbon+TQ card
5. Cake in box+ribbon+TQ card
6. Bunga pahar* merenjis session

We have already gone to a shop suggested by one of b2b to check the price of those jars. It really depends on the size now. Should it be big or a small would do just fine? Then I just wondered, does it matter if those favors are big or small? No idea. I mean, through my experience, I don't commented on those things when I attended friEnds and relatives wedding. When it comes to my day, I wish to let my guests know how I appreciate their attendance and how I want to share my joy and happiness with them.

Till the next serious discussion, I am open to suggestion. :)

Getting Married Journal #12 March 2, 2011

Hello peeps! It has been a month since my last journal. Was so busy and breathless since then- work, preparation, life have been so demanding. Somehow I just felt I don't even have time for myself to be pampered. *sigh*

Anyway, within this month, we managed to meet up with Jas, PA of Udey and Mukhriz Photog. She was much friendly, showing us some of MU photos and portfolio. I don't have to see them again as I already know how they work. The comments have always been positive. What more should I ask for?

So a day after the meeting, we decided on enrolling for package feat Udey and Shah Fariz. Can't wait to work with them, or even meet them personally prior to our reception in Perlis. Anyway, we deposited 20 percent of the total amount. And there was a relief period. One thing settled, more to come...

We also managed to block the date for venue at Tasoh Lake. We were actually not convinced with the management of the place. Their PR was indeed OUT! And to my disappointment, they do not take good care of the place, which worry me. I hate seeing workers not working, and leaving things around the place untidy. The hall was such a mess when we went randomly to see the space. However, we managed to tell them our stand so they should know how we work and how we want them to work. We are not paying for something JUST ordinary!

Talking about the venue, I think i am going to talk about door gift next. Till then.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting Married Journal #11 February 23, 2011

After numerous discussion on who will be our official photographer for the second reception, I am indeed delighted when Fendi drew green light to my choice. He even said 'I know you only choose the best for our day. I couldn't agree more'.

So I decided to go on with one to one discussion with the OP's PA. I texted her and we are going to meet up this Friday at Pavilion. Awesome~ I am looking forward to discuss the future with them and tell them exactly what we need and how we want it to be. Till Friday...

For the meantime, I am still deciding on the official colour for both reception. We both had agreed to 'no-pink' and we both love blue. So I'm thinking of blending royal blue, cobalt blue and classic gold-brown. That is for our 2nd reception. For my side's reception, I prefer a lighter colour. That day I was thinking about the peacock colour. It's different, but I'm afraid the cost will become higher since there isn't any demand on the colour!

Hurmm...aqua blue is not bad at all. So I am still indecisive on colour. Wish I can drop by Jakel any time sooner so I can view those colours with my own eyes. It might look nice in pictures, but look odd in real.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting Married Journal #10 February 15, 2011

Hello there. After a week of having fever, flu and cough, I hope today I am back on my feet! Seriously it was such a trouble when I feel my body has no more resistance to sickness. Even today I feel my right foot is swelling. *_*

BTW, yesterday was my 1st proposal anniversary. No fancy dinner and all. Just a sweet moment together, me having dinner alone and he drinking hazelnut tea with pearl or something. We were at Pavilion. He bought a pair of shoes at Dunhill, the one he had been aiming for such a long time. So he got it! Thought of hunting his wedding band too, however we had to postponed.

We got two preview tickets from YES friends. I was not sure the title but it has something to do with Christianity, devil and exorcism. I didn't like watching those kind of movies, but it wasn't that bad at all. I just don't like the screeching sound made by those nails. It was so annoying as I still can hear the sound after a day!

Oh yeah. We have not confirmed anything for reception in Perlis as we leave it to abah. He called yesterday, asking Fendi the exact date and time. He wasn't talking about Tasoh ceremony, but his concern is more towards the home ceremony, which will be held on the 18th. He is just a villagers lover. That worries me. I am afraid I'm going to be too tired to smile the day after the reception at Tasoh. *sigh* Like all the bride-to-be, i pray that everything is going to run smoothly during those events.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Married Journal #9 February 9, 2011

It is indeed a gloomy day for me. Everything was slow and live-less. But I would love to share my ideas for our wedding. I have actually thought about it for ages, but have not yet decide on it. Too many ideas are not doing me any good, it seemed...Lol

I was browsing a few informative blogs when I came to a peacock theme! It was awesome. I love the blue peacock colour. It is new, fresh and never been used? But its not odd. I think it can be blended to our main colour, dark peony or silver. What say you?

But the problem with the theme is that it will narrow down my choices of flowers as well as the decoration. And a lot of feathers have to be used. I am not sure if the vendors are able to cater to our idea. Need to discuss with fendi and get back to those vendors asap.

In the meantime, let me go through those websites and get myself more confused! lol

To all b2b, do check these out!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting Married Journal #8 February 5, 2011

It was such a great feeling to be able to rest for a few days. Fendi was unwell when he decided to come over to Johor. We planned to meet the vendors and settle as many things as possible as we might not have anymore time left to go to JB.

We actually didn't set an appointment with them, so it was kind of random. So some of them were not free at the moment I called, while others went outstation and were not in JB. So we had to postponed the meeting to another fine day....which I am yet to know when.

We then went to Singapore to visit a friend. Well, obviously anybody can never resist the temptation of Orchard. Shop till drop!! Went to ion and bought something for a wedding gift. That was superb!(then I realized, this might be the reason why I dreamt a very weird dream last night----so I get a new thing to be adore)

I love Singapore for some reasons. The cleanliness, and not to mention their effective public transportation. SMRT is the best! Wootwoot. Theirs are second best after Hong Kong. Of course! So after we went down at City Hall station, we strolled along the bay and saw Miramar Hotel. The one with the ship on to of the building. Awesome sightseeing. Wonderful coffee. The best night ever!

At approximately 8 pm, we went back to JB. It was a short visit, but I surely will keep it in my long term memory. LOL

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting Married Journal #7 January 30, 2011

We were supposed to go to a boutique in Ampang Park but fendi was so busy that we had to cancelled. He probably needs to rent tanjak and other accessories for johor's reception. I am getting worried seeing him not being serious about his attire. But he did mention that he's going to workout to get back his 'body'. *lol* So I guess we can skip on that for now and go back to it somewhere in April.

Oh, one of the bridal in JB, Syura replied me telling she can work on our budget! That's great isn't it? I told Fendi I want to meet up with them before making any decision with regards to the decoration. I mean, we seriously need to ensure that the vendor is really passionate in making it a great day, and sincere when working with us, not solely think about the money. *sigh* That is difficult!

Whatever it is, I am looking forward to meet up with them in person. =)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Engagement Day

This I should have posted loooooong ago right after the day. But, i can't attach those pictures on IPad. I am doing it now the laptop is now on its track. *lol*

Well, the historical date is 13-6-10. And it tied us up to one to one and a half years before being announced husband and wife. I was so freaking scared everything did not go on smooth. The OP lambat! The MUA cepat! The catering LAMBAT! Everything was quite a mess but thank God I have an experienced sister and family.

Fendi told the night before the left KL, he left the rings! He was already at Seremban R&R when he realised that and made a HUGE u-turn! I could sense something not good then, but with all the prayers, he managed to arrive safely. I love you, luv.

Tok Su was angry and tried to stop him from going back to PJ just to take those rings. She even offered 'tak payah la. guna je cincin Tok Su ni. Sementara saja'. Fendi was not that type. I know all that he was thinking was me and our promises. I know he didn't want me to be sad when everything did not go well as what we have planned. That, I adore him.

Enough about the past. Here are some of the piccas taken by an amateur photog, my brother!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting Married Journal #6 January 28, 2011

My MUA from JB called regarding pelamin and deco. She did mention her package, like what bridal boutiques always offer. However, I was kind of reluctant to hire her/him for this job. I rather let her be my MUA and solely make me up for the day. Wootwoot.

Talking about vendors, I have some in my list now. This is after a few weeks google-ing and browsing through b2b blogs (they r awesome, I tell!) Here I list them for your preference. Note also, there is a point on the positive and negative comments of each vendor.

1. Astana Bridal
+ve well experience bag Nolan
-ve enrol many event on e same day

2. Newlywedsbigday Wedding Planner
+ve new, fresh and creative lian
-ve yet to know :)

3. Zaiman Bridal
+ve. New, young and talented
-ve. For those who wants a themed wedding or something extra ordinary, not him.

4. Syura Bridal
+ve She can work on your budget
-ve yet to know!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Married Journal #5 January 12, 2011

It has been a while since the past few weeks. As usual, been busy with works, works, works.

To start off, I would like to mention something about the cloth that we have bought for our solemnization ceremony. Yes! A new one, since the one we have bought is to be worn for reception.

It was pretty tempting looking of those French laces available at Jakel. Thank God we have decided on the colour before going there. So in our mind was always....siler peony....

Kak Shanaz was kind of helping in deciding the matching lace. She also propose a good designer for our wedding dresses, Atilia Amani. A new designer, I guess as I have never come across her name. There and then, we decided 'we'll go for it'.

Before that, I need to decide how I want those dresses to be. And it will be a headache!!!

Owh, almost forgotten about official photographer. My fiancé and me had actually decided to take AR. But Along called and decided to hire Heroes Photowork, Razali as our OP. It was awesome, but I had actually kind of promise AR. So I gave Affiq a call and he sounded pretty much disappointed. Hurmmmmm... Could agree more to my sister's decision as I don't want things to happen as the one happened during my engagement.

Seriously, if you are to choose a photographer in JB area, DO NOT hire FYPHOTOGRPHY! I almost lodge a police report on him. He deserved it. Pathetic loser! He didn't even reply my text and pick up my calls. This is my pray, "you'll lost your limbs for treating us unprofessionally, and you'll lose all the time in the world for not obeying to your own promises"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Married Journal #4 December 27, 2010

I doubt the saying that goes 'family comes first'. Not to say that I don't believe in the power of having a good family, but I just could not agree to the idea of prioritising everything they mentioned. *sigh*

Our plan of having a small intimate and simple wedding has been ruined. It cannot be too simple as they thought we actually take things for granted. It always depends on our budget, but anyhow they couldn't understand more! Seriously, they just want us to follow what they said. And i was in a total disappointment.

We had initially planned to do the Akad Nikah event at 10.30 a.m., followed by a reception approximately at 12 p.m. So we don't need two sets of clothes and spend more money on decoration and stuff. However, that night they mentioned about doing a reception at 2 p.m. (the usual time for bride and groom to arrive at the scene in Malay Wedding) I was like WTFish! Even more when papa said we need to have kompang and tepung tawar too. He said those are the events that will make the reception more merry and 'happening'.

FINE! What else can we do but to follow what they decided to do? But seriously, it was kind of frustrating. They don't think about our feeling, but wanting us to follow their rules. I guess, that is what we call Generation Gap. And we, the youth have been blamed for so call not obeying rules and rebelling. *sigh* 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Married Journal #3 November 13, 2010

This all started when he decided to perform akad earlier, probably in June? I don't know why I agreed with the idea, knowing I then have lesser time to prepare for zillion things! Probably considering that It might be good to settle down before mama and papa go for hajj next year. I am delighted.

Then, we started to buy everything at the same time. Shoes, handbag, shirt, and so on. Shop till we dropped!! Gucci, Bally, Hugo Boss, Braun Buffel. We managed to be Melium Gold member after spending things at Hugo Boss for his shirt! (anybody wants some discount on those under Melium, do tell me. It'd feel great, I tell! Haha)

I know, it's darn awesome right? Spending like crazy. But at least one part of the dowry is settled. We can now proceed thinking about other things. Including our clothes and preparation.

It is somehow satisfying. Lots of Laugh and Love. <3

Wedding Checklist

After a couple of months doing some research and making decision, we managed to learn the importance of checklist. Of course they look little, but dealing with each one in the checklist is indeed complicated and confusing! Wish me luck peeps!

Wedding Checklist (Solemnization/reception)

Date: 11 December 2011
Time: 10 a.m./2 p.m.
Venue: Kluang, Johor

1. Catering
2. Dais (pelamin), main table, deco 
3. Photographer 
4. Videographer 
5. Nikah dress & baju Melayu
6. Reception dress & suit
7. Make up artist 
8. Dowry 
9. Door gifts & bunga telur
10.Canopies + tables and chairs

Wedding checklist (Reception)

Date: 17 December 2011
Time: 8.30 p.m.
Venue: Tasoh Lake Resort, Perlis

1. Dais, flower arch, deco  
2. Photographer 
3. Videographer
4. Dress & tux
5. Make up artist
6. Door gifts & thank you card
7. Master of ceremony (MC) 
8. Performance/ band
9. Lodging (for family members)
10.Live feed in
11.Food tasting
12.Formal invitation  
This might be very basic, and I might have left some items behind. Do inform. Thanks heaps!

Getting Married Journal #1 October, 31 2010

*Warning: this journal was written in the past before it is being published here.

We spent about two hours this time choosing a perfect textile for our solemnisation ceremony. It was too perfect that it cost more than what we had imagined! (forgot if we had actually put any budget for my dress, but yeah it should be lesser than the engagement dress as we had decided not to focus too much on the dress, but the day itself).

I was stunned looking at the price tag of the chosen french lace (the salespersons there have already known us since we are their regular customer. So we just need to mention the colour and they'll do the rest). They cost as little as six hundred ringgit per metre. Of course they are original as we don't actually look at those 'un-solisitis' or imitation. And this time we chose beaded lace to match the satin silk and chiffon of a darker shade.

We managed to learn things about textile there. And I guessed Kak Shanaz was right about buying a good quality thing here is incomparable to Jakarta or Bandung. I mean, buying here can be cheaper as long as they (the bosses) are there to give us discounts! Of course this time buying had cost us, again, two thousand over. That was after discount, as the French lace cost us RM580 per metre, much lower than its original price which was RM950 per metre. Isn't that almost 50 percent discount?  

This I think is our first step in getting 'into' the marriage aura. I was delighted to see Luv started to think about some of the thing, however he can sometimes be a bit too much especially in terms of buying the best of everything.

P.s. Looking forward for the upcoming Vday.