Determination. Passion. Love

Determination. Passion. Love
"There is no remedy for love but to love more" Henry David Thoreau

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Married Journal #3 November 13, 2010

This all started when he decided to perform akad earlier, probably in June? I don't know why I agreed with the idea, knowing I then have lesser time to prepare for zillion things! Probably considering that It might be good to settle down before mama and papa go for hajj next year. I am delighted.

Then, we started to buy everything at the same time. Shoes, handbag, shirt, and so on. Shop till we dropped!! Gucci, Bally, Hugo Boss, Braun Buffel. We managed to be Melium Gold member after spending things at Hugo Boss for his shirt! (anybody wants some discount on those under Melium, do tell me. It'd feel great, I tell! Haha)

I know, it's darn awesome right? Spending like crazy. But at least one part of the dowry is settled. We can now proceed thinking about other things. Including our clothes and preparation.

It is somehow satisfying. Lots of Laugh and Love. <3

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