Determination. Passion. Love

Determination. Passion. Love
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Married Journal #4 December 27, 2010

I doubt the saying that goes 'family comes first'. Not to say that I don't believe in the power of having a good family, but I just could not agree to the idea of prioritising everything they mentioned. *sigh*

Our plan of having a small intimate and simple wedding has been ruined. It cannot be too simple as they thought we actually take things for granted. It always depends on our budget, but anyhow they couldn't understand more! Seriously, they just want us to follow what they said. And i was in a total disappointment.

We had initially planned to do the Akad Nikah event at 10.30 a.m., followed by a reception approximately at 12 p.m. So we don't need two sets of clothes and spend more money on decoration and stuff. However, that night they mentioned about doing a reception at 2 p.m. (the usual time for bride and groom to arrive at the scene in Malay Wedding) I was like WTFish! Even more when papa said we need to have kompang and tepung tawar too. He said those are the events that will make the reception more merry and 'happening'.

FINE! What else can we do but to follow what they decided to do? But seriously, it was kind of frustrating. They don't think about our feeling, but wanting us to follow their rules. I guess, that is what we call Generation Gap. And we, the youth have been blamed for so call not obeying rules and rebelling. *sigh* 

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