Determination. Passion. Love

Determination. Passion. Love
"There is no remedy for love but to love more" Henry David Thoreau

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Engagement Day

This I should have posted loooooong ago right after the day. But, i can't attach those pictures on IPad. I am doing it now the laptop is now on its track. *lol*

Well, the historical date is 13-6-10. And it tied us up to one to one and a half years before being announced husband and wife. I was so freaking scared everything did not go on smooth. The OP lambat! The MUA cepat! The catering LAMBAT! Everything was quite a mess but thank God I have an experienced sister and family.

Fendi told the night before the left KL, he left the rings! He was already at Seremban R&R when he realised that and made a HUGE u-turn! I could sense something not good then, but with all the prayers, he managed to arrive safely. I love you, luv.

Tok Su was angry and tried to stop him from going back to PJ just to take those rings. She even offered 'tak payah la. guna je cincin Tok Su ni. Sementara saja'. Fendi was not that type. I know all that he was thinking was me and our promises. I know he didn't want me to be sad when everything did not go well as what we have planned. That, I adore him.

Enough about the past. Here are some of the piccas taken by an amateur photog, my brother!

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