Determination. Passion. Love

Determination. Passion. Love
"There is no remedy for love but to love more" Henry David Thoreau

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting Married Journal #14 April, 6 2011

Hi all! It has been quite sometimes, isn't it? Been busy with work and preparation. Sometimes I just wish I don't have to work as I can focus more on our wedding preparation. *sigh*

Anyway ladies (and gentlemen if any), my fiancé and I are having some difficulties to work with those resort's people. I wish they could be more professional and helpful so we would feel more confident to take them as one of our vendors. I was on call with their GM asking the question and she kept on telling me they have done events for the royal family etc. I mean, what has that supposed to do with our event?

FIL has told us before about their 'unprofessionalism' and bad management, but I am too in love with the place. Seriously, i felt in love with the place the first time I went there. And I can imagine how my Reception will be, that night, 17th December.

But now, somehow, my dream is beginning to permanently be a dream. My fiancé has started to look for another venue, with better offer and better management. My heart says no, but yeah, if I really want to make it happen, I need to tolerate and stop dreaming. I guess there is a good thing behind all these obstacles.

More quotation are coming and I need to revise each one of them pretty carefully before deciding on anything. And of course, we both need to sit and discuss, like what my FIL said, Muzakharah. That is a good start towards building a family.